Do you have something to celebrate, are you launching a product, or do want to find a fun way to entertain your employees to increase motivation and team spirit?
Whatever you need, whatever the aim of the event and whatever the circumstances, we at GetTogether can help you. With extensive experience and knowledge, we tailor customer events, corporate journeys, meetings, launches and kick-offs, just like any other occasion to be highlighted and celebrated. We are experts at realising creative ideas. We are passionate about what we do and constantly focus on the goal to deliver events that exceed customer expectations.

We create overall concepts for all types of events

An event can be anything from large special arrangement to a smaller element of a communications plan. Whatever the purpose of the event, our goal is the same. The event should be a starting point for the communication of ideas and values, allowing participants to be influenced effectively and to increase their understanding of the business or organisation’s future plans and conditions.

Based on the vision and requirements of the company, we create an overall concept to strengthen business development, branding and cooperation within the team.

Creativity and passion focusing on customers’ specific wishes

The key to the success of all of our previous successful events is in our great commitment and our intense passion for team building, experiences and travel. Together we have over 50 years of experience in arranging events, trips, launches and get-togethers for businesses looking for that little extra. We therefore have key knowledge and great capacity for event planning, but also a broad network of local service companies that helps us in our efforts to create profitable, motivational and complete events.